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I check my blog’s spam folder regularly for an occasional legit comment. Well, this time around it’s happening to my comments on other blogs, unfortunately.  So if you see I liked a post on your blog recently, there is a good chance you’ve got my comment in your spam folder.

If you are experiencing similar inconveniences, here is a remedy recommended by Cee Neuner in her comment to my previous post.

“You are being caught up in Askismet spam. Here is their contact form. Write in “my comments are going to other people’s spam”. And a form will pop up…just fill it out and you will be fixed in a couple of working days.


In the meantime, you can put out a blog that asks for everyone to check their spam mail and accept your comments…and from that point on that person will get your comments and you will be able to comment on their blogs too.”

Thank you for your great advice Cee! And thank you all awesome bloggers who responded to my previous post and unspammed my comments!

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