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Yesterday, I finally found the time to visit my own facebook page that I’ve neglected since this blog came into existence, which would be about six months. Obviously, facebooking is not on the list of my priorities, but I keep the fb page to stay in touch with my friends, and as long as it’s not too taxing, I don’t mind having it. So, last night I noticed a new trend, which might as well be old news, due to lack of “due diligence” on my part. Waiting for me were a bunch of messages, sent to my fb account between November and February by some unknown gentlemen. The messages, although awkwardly worded and some in the languages that I don’t speak, didn’t sound too bad: They saw my profile. They think I am an awfully beautiful lady. They want to be friends. I was baffled. I even looked around in a “are you talking to me?” way. Moreover, I was under the impression that my fb profile was visible to my friends only. Has fb changed its privacy settings AGAIN? I am beginning to question my fb presence, because I didn’t create my fb account for online dating. Am I angry? Oh, gosh, no. But I am vexed.

It must have been a social media conspiracy, because the same evening my Twitter account delivered a direct message from someone whom I followed through this blog. It read “Someone is saying some real horrible things about you, seen this?” Oh, yeah? Really? What horrible things can someone say about me that I don’t already know? This is not the first time I get this message. Apparently, there are a lot of people out there who say horrible things about me, despite the fact that I have 162 followers on Twitter (which is like having no followers at all) and, since almost everyone on Twitter seems to be talking rather than listening, and playing the numbers game, I find it hard to believe that someone would care enough to say any things about me, let alone horrible things. I don’t mean to kill the messenger, but my tolerance to spam is wearing horribly thin. I’ve unfollowed the account that delivered the message. There is a possibility though that the account owner didn’t send the message, but some app did.

So, if you receive a direct message from me on Twitter mentioning horrible things said about you, please ignore it. You can even unfollow me, but please remember  – it wasn’t me! 🙂

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